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Skate Deterrents SD-9

Product Description

Stepsolve skate board deterrents eliminate potential damage to walls, benches and other architectural features caused by skateboards, in-line skates and bicycles.

316 marine grade stainless steel skate board deterrents are available in several styles: mushroom button and cylindrical knobs: square faced and bull-nosed edge nosings.

Further, they may reduce any potential liability for property owners who in some cases can become responsible for injuries.

These products are a cost effective solution to chipped, broken or wax spoiled retaining walls and the like, caused by skate boarders, bicyclists and in-line skaters.

Compliance with all Australian Standards.


The button skate deterrents come in options of small domed or small cylindrical or large cylindrical. The Bar styles come in Square Nosed style, Bull Nosed or Rectangle. Large 30mm spigots for secure installation. The Fin style skate deterrents come in four sizes.


Manufactured from 316 marine grade stainless steel and available with a mill finish.


Very easy to install over most substrates, including timber, concrete, brick and steel structures.


STEPSOLVE Australia provides a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty under normal foot traffic conditions.


All Stepsolve products comply with the requirements of the Australian Standards and have been tested by CSIRO.

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Additonal Information


Polished Stainless steel with spigot fixing system

Styles available

Button, cylindrical, square face or bullnose


150mm Length, 100mm Riser, 8mm Width