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Anti Slip Safety Tape

Product Description

StepSolve Australia have a wide range of Anti Slip Safety Tape, a convenient anti slip solution for floor surfaces, ramps and stairs.

All of our Safety Tapes comply with Australian and New Zealand standards.

Anti Slip Safety Tape colour range:

What is Anti Slip Safety Tape used for?

Anti Slip Safety Tape is a convenient anti slip solution for floor surfaces, ramps and stairs. It provides a cost effective method of complying with anti slip safety standards and building codes. Where a more permanent anti slip solution is required, you might want to consider safety stair treads and stair nosings. Available in rolls, Anti Slip Safety Tape can easily be installed where required to assist with flooring and stair safety. Anti Slip Tapes are available in a range of colours that comply with the luminance contrast requirements of safety standard AS/NZS1428.1 for the vision impaired access and mobility. StepSolve’s range of Anti Slip Safety Tape StepSolve Anti Slip Tapes are R13 rated and provide effective anti-slip safety for all access ways, including stairs and ramps.

Long lasting and durable

Our Anti Slip Tapes are manufactured from a unique combination of aluminum oxide, which is
diamond hard, and a thick flexible plastic carrier to provide a hard, tough, durable and long lasting solution.

Water resistant safety tape

They are marine grade, and manufactured from a water resistant carrier and adhesive. This makes them durable, hard wearing and long lasting.

Easy to install, just peel and stick

StepSolve’s Anti Slip Tapes use a convenient “Peel & Stick” technology that ensures permanent adhesion to most surfaces. Its heavy coating of PSA adhesive will conform to undulations, is water resistant and is proven to provide long lasting efficient service life.

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Additonal Information


Black, Grey, Yellow, Hazard Strip (Black and Yellow), Clear, Photo-Luminescent, or “glow in the dark” for that extra level of safety assurance.


Tape sizes range from 25mm to 300mm in width, and up to 18.3m in length.