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Project Description

Stepsolve won the contract through Sarah Constructions to supply & install our TT-DL stainless steel tactile indicators at the new ALDI in Kensington. They had to be set out to follow the curved entry leading from the carpark into the store.

We have templates made up to match the curve required which makes the end product look fantastic.

We also installed our SN4 grit range stair nosing on the steps leading up to the loading bay.

When installing TGSI (Tactile Ground Surface Indicators) on to ceramic or other fragile surfaces it’s always important to core drill the holes. You’re less likely to cause any damage to the surface using this method over standard hammer drilling. Most of the area on this project was straight concrete until we got to the curve which crossed over the ceramic tiled area. We used the core drill method on the tiles and around the edges of the concrete to avoid any damage.

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Project Details

  • Date11 September 2017
  • ClientAldi Kensington