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Tactiles TT-SC (with spigot & carborundum infill)

Item Code TT-SC
DESIGN Stainless Steel tactile indicator with carborundum insert
MATERIAL 316 marine grade stainless steel
FINISH Machined
DIMENSIONS Bottom of dome 35mm

Product Description

Individual 316 Stainless Steel tactile indicator with spigot and carborundum insert.

  • Complies with AS 1428.4
  • Complies with the NCC Section D clause 3.8 (TGSIs)
  • Complies with slip resistance requirements as detailed in HB 198
  • Backed by 10 year warranty


Important information: To determine a classification of a slip resistance rating, see Australian Standards Hand Book 198 (HB 198), an Introductory Guide to Slip Resistance of Pedestrian Materials. This document outline the minimum ratings of a location and situation of a pedestrian surface.


To determine a luminance contrast between a substrate and the Stepsolve TGSI stud, see: AS 1428.4:2009. Stepsolve can test your substrate for luminance contrast to give you peace of mind that your project will be fully compliant to AS 1428.4.


Additonal Information

Tactile Dimensions

Top of dome 25mm, Bottom of dome 35mm, Height of dome 5mm, Spigot diameter 5mm, Spigot Length 8mm

Suitable for Substrates

Timber, Tiles, Concrete, Bitumen, Vinyl, Rubber.