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Tactile Plate TT-SSPlate-P

Item Code TT-SSPlate-P
Tactile Type Integrated
Design All tactiles on plate with Smooth Sides with concentric centre circles
Material 316 marine grade stainless steel with carborundum infill
Finish Machined
Dimensions 300mm x 600mm

Product Description

A fully integrated stainless steel Tactile ground surface indicator tile. Designed to warn the vision impaired of an impending hazard or to provide directional guidance. As part of The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).


300 wide x 600 long x 2mm base plate. Include 72 fully welded stainless steel Tactile indicators with a major diameter of 35mm, a minor diameter of 25mm x height of 5mm. Includes 6 tapered screw holes and stainless steel.


Available with carborundum black In-fill or polymeric black infill.


Strong mechanical retention to all surfaces including steel,,concrete, timber and most other surfaces. Particularly suitable for escalators.


STEPSOLVE Australia provides a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty under normal foot traffic conditions.


AS/NZS 1428:4.2002 Design for access and mobility 2.
AS/NZS 4586:1999 Slip resistance classification for new pedestrian surface materials.

Additonal Information

Tactile Dimensions

300mm x 600mm x 2mm base plate – with 6 pre-drilled holes. 72 attached stainless steel tactile indicators per plate.

Suitable for Substrates

Indoor, Outdoor, Timber, Tiles, Concrete, Vinyl and Carpet

Fixing Method

Mechanically fixed


Matt finish Silver with Black Carborundum infill

Luminance Rating

Wet: 36.8, Dry: 37.4

Slip Rating