Skate Deterrents

Product Description

316 marine grade stainless steel skate board deterrents are available in several styles: mushroom button and cylindrical knobs: square faced and bull-nosed edge nosings.

Stepsolve skate board deterrents eliminate potential damage to  walls, benches and other architectural features caused by skateboards, in-line skates and bicycles.

**Skate Stopper Information Sheet

Further, they may reduce any potential liability for property owners who in some cases can become responsible for injuries.

These products are a cost effective solution to chipped, broken or wax spoiled retaining walls and the like, caused by skate boarders, bicyclists and in-line skaters.

Compliance with all Australian Standards.

Additional Information


Polished Stainless steel with spigot fixing system

Styles available

Button, cylindrical, square face or bullnose


Square nosed: 110mm Length, 40mm Riser, 16mm Width, 30mm Spigot. Bullnosed: 110mm Length, 25mm Riser, 16mm Width, 30mm Spigot. Cylindrical: 20mm Diameter, 10mm Height, 30mm Spigot Dome: 20mm Diameter, 10mm Height, 30mm Spigot