Anti Slip Floor Cleaning Products

StepSolve Maintenance Cleaners will continue the upkeep of your anti-slip treated floors.

Commercial Grade Maintenance Anti Slip Floor Cleaner

SlipSolver Anti Slip - Commercial Maintenance CleanerThe StepSolve Commercial Grade Maintenance cleaner contains a balanced blend of quality surface acting agents and additives which are specifically designed to maintain areas subject to grease, fat, oil and soap scum.

Regular use of the cleaner will ensure that hygiene is maintained to a high standard and the effectiveness of the anti-slip condition of your floor is maintained.

Multi-purpose Domestic Anti Slip Floor Cleaner

The StepSolve Domestic Cleaner is specifically formulated to give you a superior cleaning to the floors of many rooms within your home including, kitchens, laundries and bathrooms.

This quality cleaning product is pleasant smelling and is suitable for a range of floor surfaces and areas.

The StepSolve Guarantee

StepSolve will guarantee your floors will remain anti-slip with the correct and continued use of the Commercial Grade Maintenance Cleaner.

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